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Best Dollar Card by
Colter Crawford

Our Best Dollar Cards are customized in denominations of $1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 dollar bill for ANY kind of business or opportunity.

Thank you for visiting my Best Dollar Card site.  Don’t let this “Young Kid” face fool ya!  My name is Colter Crawford and if “Marketing Prodigy” were in the dictionary… it would be MY mug you’d see next to the definition!!!

NOW, let me introduce you to the BEST Dollar Cards for ANY kind of business!


If you’ve never heard of the word “drop card” before, don’t worry… the concept is simple… yet, INCREDIBLY EFFECTIVE! It’s even MORE effective using our realistic dollar bill drop cards because as we all know, NOTHING grabs more attention like cash money!  The Best Dollar Card drop cards will most definitely get people’s attention and they won’t have any choice but to look at your message promoting your Wealth Masters International business. Not only that, but they’re also VERY likely going to keep your card in their pocket or wallet and show their friends and colleagues as well, getting you THAT much more exposure to your WMI opportunity! Think you’ll get that kind of reaction from a little plain ol’ business card???  Not a chance.

Here’s what to do with your drop cards:

Dollar drop cards are intended to be left somewhere or “dropped” as if having fallen out of someone’s possession. Now, imagine walking through the mall and seeing a $100 bill on the floor… what do you suppose your reaction would be? OF COURSE you’re going to move faster than you ever have to get that $100 before someone else spots it and picks it up, aren’t you??? Well, guess what… that’s exactly what your prospects are going to do as well. This is without a doubt, the most effective way of getting as many guaranteed eyeballs on your WMI opportunity as possible.

There are countless strategies you can use to get attention to your Best Dollar Card drop cards. But just to get you started:

  • Leave one on a coffee shop chair as if it fell out of your pocket.
  • Insert them into free magazines or periodicals that are dispensed in public areas for things such as rentals, real estate, car classifieds, etc…
  • Drop some around shopping areas and malls.
  • Place some near ATM machines as if it may have fallen out of someone’s wallet or purse.
  • Leave one WITH (not as) your generous tip at your favorite restaurants.


Although using your dollar bill cards are very effective as drop cards, many people prefer to use them as they would a traditional business card. When at a social gathering, or just meeting someone for the first time and exchanging business ideas in casual conversation, what sort of impression do you suppose you’d make by reaching into your pocket and handing over a $100 bill??? I think it’s safe to say that you’re going to be remembered and your “card” is not going to be tossed in some Rolodex, shoebox, or “circular file”…

There are dozens of strategies to market and promote your business or opportunity, most of them online. Although online marketing is fantastic, adding this offline marketing tool to your arsenal, will make you UNSTOPPABLE!!!

Our dollar cards are printed in all denominations from the $1 dollar bill all the way through the $100 dollar bill and are ideal for ANY kind of business promotion or opportunity.  Believe me, these dollar card have helped thousands of businesses improve their lead generation, online and offline sales, networking recruitments, and event promotions.  Dollar cards can be used for anything from discount coupons for products or services, to business referral cards, raffle entry cards, event invitations, and even replace your traditional old business card.  Because we print all of the denominations, the variety of potential uses for these dollar cards is limited only by your imagination!

Our dollar cards are professionally designed and printed on premium grade fiber paper resulting in the most realistic appearance and texture of US currency.  Because our dollar cards look and feel so real, they not only capture attention immediately upon sight, but the person who receives your Best Dollar Cards are a LOT more likely to:

Keep your card in their wallet and not throw it away or “file” it.

Show it off to their friends and colleagues giving you much more exposure.

Follow through with your call to action.

Ask you for more than one so they can refer others to your business.

Be impressed with your creative marketing strategies.

Actually use your business or service.

Recommend your business or service to others!

Best Dollar Cards are one of the most effective offline marketing tools that can be used for a wide variety of businesses and promotions.

business woman showing uses for dollar bill dropcards and business cards
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Unique Business Cards
  • MLM & Network Marketing
  • Income Opportunities
  • Retailer’s Discount Coupons
  • Car Dealers & Dealerships
  • Car Wash Coupons
  • Restaurant Discount Coupons
  • Fund Raisers
  • Store Credit
  • Cash Gifting
  • Job Recruiters
  • Financial Planners
  • Insurance Sales
  • Creative Business Cards
  • Work at Home Opportunities

This list of uses for business card drop cards could go on and on…

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